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Gate Motors

Gate motors are available in 220 volt and 12-volt battery backup for:

  • Sliding Gates

  • Single Swing Gates

  • Double Swing Gates

  • Anti-Theft Brackets are available & essential for all motors

The Centurion range of products is recommended for residential and Complex use.

Some features are:

  • Auto-close facility

  • Anti-crushing

  • Advanced lightning protection

  • 12 volt battery back-up

  • High speed operation

  • SABS Built in Lightning Protection

  • For Heavy Duty Installations such as Road Closures, Large Complexes and Heavy Gates (Residential or Commercial) we recommend the Centurion D-10 gate motor be fitted with a cooling fan and 24volt battery backup.

Many optional accessories are available:

  • Infrared safety beams – to prevent a closing gate from damaging your vehicle

  • Courtesy gate lights – Controlled by a day/night sensor, manual switch or a timer switch

  • Remote controls – long range, from 1 to 6 buttons; – Operating on 403 MHZ or 433 MHZ. with code hopping for high security –  Very Important

  • LED gate status indicators

  • Pedestrian key switches

  • Anti-theft brackets – Essential

  • Underground loop detector. Used for Booms & Gate Motors – can be safety devices on opening / closing triggers.

  • All gate motors can be connected to your household intercom system


Electric Fencing

Highly effective electric perimeter fencing makes it possible to detect and keep intruders from entering your premises.

  • On 24 Hours a Day
  • Detecting Intruders
  • Deterring Intruders

Residential: minimum of 8-strands;

Basic`s that makes electric fencing effective

  • Bent Outwards

  • Antilift Brackets

  • Well Tentioned Wires

Commercial or Complexes: minimum of 12-strands.

Electric fencing is highly effective in both detecting an intruder and deterring him from entering your premises. The quality of your installation is directly related to the effectiveness of your fence. Wherever possible Electric fences should be wired in series with alternating live and neutral strands with gaps of no more that 100mm, the final height of your fence should exceed “crouch height” to prevent stepping over.

Full Free Standing Electric fencing starting at 20-strands and 2 meters high but recommended to be 2.4 meters high with 24-strands. Once you have installed your Electric fence the greatest risk of a perimeter breach even though this chance is very small is the possibility of a person digging under your full fence or smashing through your pre-cast wall. The risk needs to be assessed and the following can be done to reduce or eliminate this possibility. The bottom strand should always be live!


  • To lay a full concrete foundation below the fence (300mm x 300mm wide and deep).

  • To install anti-lift hooks (figure of 8) – this will ensure that entry can only be gained by digging a full hole not just lifting the bottom strands. Attached to the wall or knocked into the ground.

  • Floating Anti-lift Rings – Have also become very popular due to break-ins where wires have been separated. At least 4 Anti-lift Rings between brackets on full freestanding fences. At least 2 Anti-lift Rings between brackets on wall top fencing. All to be used in conjunction with the figure of 8 Anti-lift Rings.

  • A live anti-dig (offset bracket) strand +/- 50mm off the ground and +/- 200mm in front of your freestanding fence.

  • Pre-cast walls should have 24-strand Piggy Back Fencing from the top to bottom wherever there is open land, veld, Golf Courses or a river behind as this has proven to be the most likely form of entry if only Wall Top Electric Fencing is installed

  • Support posts should be 3 meters apart


It is important to install the correct sized energizer for your type of fence as too small or too large an energizer will only create false alarms. All energizers produce between 8000 and 10 000 volts at a low frequency of 1 pulse per second and at low amperage. The power/energy of the energizer is determined by its joules starting with 3.5 joules for short fences and going up to 8 joules for long full fences.


This is the joule energy on the fence and in order for the unit to be legal, must comply with the Government Gazette regulations, it is however possible to store greater joules in the capacitor. The alarm monitor is the most important factor on your fence and must be kept in good condition and tested regularly. Single zone, dual zone and 20 zone energizers are available to determine where the breach has occurred on your fence. All our energizers comply with government regulations.

Various Accessories are available:

  • Red Flashing Light – To warn you of an activation while you were out

  • Remote/Hardwire armed Response Linkup – To link to your Armed Response company

  • Gate Magnets – To monitor forced entry on the perimeter

  • Lightning Protection

  • Series Gate Contactors – To ensure wires on sliding gates give an alarm when cut

  • Remote On/Off Ability – Control via remotes


Intercom Systems

Make use of our amazing crystal clear intercoms today. Cost effective and reliable intercoms ideal for the home owner.

Intercoms should be installed with all cabling in conduit and no joints underground.
Various systems are available. Emphasis must be put on reliability.


The Rolls Royce of hardwire intercoms. This system is fully expandable from handset up to any number of gate station buttons and handsets.
Available with full room to room intercommunication and dual gate stations to attend to all your needs also linkable to your gate motor or striker locks with LED gate status indicators.

Polo Phone: 

The South African favorite for Residential Installations

  • Reliable

  • Cost Effective

  • Great Back-up Service

Up to 5 Devices can be used.

  • Gate stations have 2 buttons

  • Handsets can be set into 2 Groups with Intercommunication

Locally Manufactured – By Centurion Systems.


All intercom systems can have a gooseneck fitted to the gate stations to make ringing easy for your visitors from their cars.

Intercoms can be surface mounted onto walls or a steel gooseneck can be installed.


Garage Motors

Turn your garage door into a fancy auto-mated garage door with our wide range of amazing conversion kits. It makes life so much easier and safer.

Fix & Fit is able with various conversion kits to automate 90% of Garage doors.
Using the locally manufactured Brano-Pro Alpha 2000 door motor of Digi Door with the following features:

• Anti crushing
• Courtesy lights
• Wall & remote control operation
• Lightning protection
• Manual emergency override
• 220 volt motors


Alarm Systems

Wired or Wireless

As a professional installers we are able to offer the most reliable Alarm systems.

  • Texecom

  • DSC


  1. Wireless MG 5050

  2. Digi Plesc 192 zone

  • IDS – South African Alarm System

Internal Detectors (Passive Infra Red)

  • Analog PIRS

  • Digital PIRS

  • Pet Friendly PIRS

  • Curtain Passives

  • Glass Break Detection

  • Fire/Smoke Detection

External Detectors – Earle Warning

Garden Beams

  • Optex

  • Garrison

All available from 20 meters – 200 meters

Volumetric Detectors;

  • ​Anti Masking
  • Pet Friendly

  • Fully Waterproof (VX40 , HX40 ,Takex, BX80, HX80, DG85)


CCTV Camera's

Specialists in the installation of CCTV as this industry has grown and changed tremendously in the past few years.

A wide range of product is available from the simple single camera and gate monitor to the multi camera digital computer system.


Are available with various size lenses to ensure that you are able to see the picture you require whether that be focused close up or a wide angle picture to see motion in the vicinity.
Colour cameras require a lot more light to give a good picture so generally external cameras in residential installations are often infrared. Monitors can be linked to view your camera from 4 inch up to 52-inch monitors also available in high quality colour LED. With the use of a Converter, the signal from your camera or multi-switcher can be placed directly onto your television network.

Day Night Cameras – Infrared

Colour by day, Black & White by night, even when in pitch black conditions. This is achieved by fitting infrared LED lights to all these cameras. Night vision ranges are variable:

• 10 Meters
• 25 Meters
• 40 Meters
• 60 Meters
• 100 Meters


Cameras can be switched from picture within picture screens to timed switches dealing with 2 cameras up to 32 or quads can be used to view all your cameras at once.


Can be achieved with a conventional recorder or a 24 hour time lapse recorder. The use of a Multiplexer ensures the recording of multiple cameras and their playback.

DVR = Technology is the answer!

Analitical software can now track people moving and create alarms

The digital computer has revolutionized the CCTV market making it possible to record directly on Hard drives with time and date stamped and easy searching for recorded events. Pictures are only recorded when motion is detected thus saving time and space. Alarms can also be created when motion is detected. Available for 4 to 32 cameras – this computer based system must have a stand-alone computer dedicated to its operation (Embedded DVR). Fixed monitors can be connected prior to being recorded to ensure real time smooth pictures for Control Rooms.
Full switcher and quad capabilities are standard.

Real Time digital video recorders are available. 

Recording up to 400 frames per second, divided by the 16 cameras as per system. Large hard disk drives are required to store this video footage. For this reason units that record at 100 and 200 frames per second are more popular.

The Digital Video Recorder is able to be remotely accessed from anywhere in the world via a modem & telephone line. The pictures are also able to be played onto your LAN (Local Area Network), giving selected and trusted staff members the ability to monitor vital areas of your business.

Embedded stand alone DVR’s are by far the most reliable recording platforms and are highly cost effective.

Linux Software Driven
A true business management tool and profit protector!

High Speed Domes

These cameras are controllable via joy stick and can also be preset to up to 164 positions which will enable you to use a single camera with auto focus and auto iris lenses to act as a switcher.
A very fast system allowing you to see and focus up to 300 meters with conventional lenses at speeds of 255° degrees per second, a lot faster than the original Pan Zoom and tilt system (Still available) that operated at +/- 6° per second colour, during the day and black/white at night.


Accessories and Extra's

  • Heavy Duty Maglocks
  • Door Closers
  • Striker Locks
  • Batteries
  • Remotes, Receivers and Transmitters
  • Power Packs

Heavy Duty Maglocks



The  IDS 600lbs EM     locks were designed to meet fire/life safety applications by providing an auxiliary locking mechanism that  has no moving parts to bind or wear   out for   trouble   free   operation.   This   will ensure   inhibited   release   at   all   times   where   they   have   become  extremely prevalent   in   applications   other   than   fire/life   safety.


Door Closers


Door Closer Medium Duty – Silver (865-20-DCMS)

Medium duty door closer

Maximum opening angle of 180 Degrees

Maximum door capacity: 40~65 kg

Material: Aluminum/Alloy

Colour: Silver 


Striker Locks




Remotes, Receivers and Transmitters

Sherlotronics Receivers, 1,2 & 3 Channel Receiver (862-37-RX1-150/862-37-RX2-150)

Performance: 150m line-of-sight

32 x transmitter memory

1 or 3 Second relay closure setup


Sherlotronics Receivers, 1,& 4 Channel Receiver (862-37-RX1-500/862-37-RX4-500)

Sherlotronics Receivers, 1,& 4 Channel Receiver (862-37-RX1-500/862-37-RX4-500)

Performance: 500m line-of-sight

32 x transmitter memory per relay

1 or 3 Second relay closure setup


Sherlotronics Repeater Receivers/Transmitter (862-37-RPT-800/862-37-RPT800P)

Sherlotronics Repeater Receivers/Transmitter (862-37-RPT-800/862-37-RPT800P)

AUTO repeats all Sherlotronics' Code-Hopping Transmitters

Transmitting Range: 1.5Km line-of-sight

Receiving Range: 800m line-of-sight


Sherlotronics Long Range Receiver (862-37-ASKDRXV3)

Sherlotronics Long Range Receiver (862-37-ASKDRXV3)

Long-range performance: 500m line-of-sight

Signal reception LED indicator

12V - 24V AC/DC voltage input


Sherlotronics 14 Channel Receiver Decoder Module (862-37-14CHRV2)

Sherlotronics 14 Channel Receiver Decoder Module (862-37-14CHRV2)

Code-Hopping Encryption

14-Channel 1 Amp Relay contact outputs

64 Remotes per channel are programmable


Sherlotronics Transmitters, 1,2, 4 & 6 Channel Remote Transmitters   (862-37-TX1 / 862-37-TX6

Sherlotronics Transmitters, 1,2, 4 & 6 Channel Remote Transmitters (862-37-TX1 / 862-37-TX6

Code-Hopping Encryption

Unique antenna design incorporating the Keyring increases operating range by 50%


Sherlotronics Universal Duplicator Transmitter (862-37-DTX4-403/862-37-DTX4-433)

Sherlotronics Universal Duplicator Transmitter (862-37-DTX4-403/862-37-DTX4-433)

Frequencies: 403.55MHz or 433.92MHz

Keyring Remote

Trinary / Binary / Smart / French-Code


Sherlotronics Stand-Alone Transmitter (862-37-S4)

Sherlotronics Stand-Alone Transmitter (862-37-S4)

Code-Hopping Encryption

4-Channel telemetry outputs

Normally open or Normally closed trigger inputs


Sherlotronics Wall Mount Transmitter (862-37-WMTX)

Sherlotronics Wall Mount Transmitter (862-37-WMTX)

Code-Hopping Encryption

Audible Piezo output

Weather-proof / splash proof housing


Sherlotronics Alarm PIR Transmitter (862-37-PIR-TX)

Sherlotronics Alarm PIR Transmitter (862-37-PIR-TX)

Alarm and Tamper transmit outputs (2 Channels)

Powered by 2 x Low cost AA Alkaline batteries

Battery life under normal conditions 2 years


Nova Receivers (862-68-011/012)

Nova Receivers (862-68-011/012)

Programmable latching and non-latching per channel

Uses self-learning technology

Uses stable, narrow band technology to ensure reliable reception

Self learning memory: 62


Nova remote transmitters (862-68-001/004)

Nova remote transmitters (862-68-001/004)

433 MHz operating frequency

Transmitters with one to four buttons

Transmitter quick and easy to open for battery replacement

Belt or visor clip supplied as standard


Power Pack's

3 AMP Power pack - excluding battery (862-15-3APP)

Power Supply Unit for Access Control & back up power

12VDC 3A with battery back-up connection

Includes an adjustable output timer 0`15 seconds 

Able to charge a 12VDC/7A (NOT Included)